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Reversible Mixer With Diesel Engine

A new innovation from Venus Equipment made for the site where electrical supply is not available so we had combined the diesel engine with unique reversible drum mixer so one has to carry only one unit instead of separate DG and machine. We have proven our state of the art work and design and this machines are widely used across India. This machine has all the unique features like separate weighing of material, auto water dozing system, tow bar facility and micro processor based control panel.

Product Specification


RM 800 DI

RM 1050 DI

Output capacity/ Hour

10 – 12 CuM

12- 15 CuM

Mixer type

Reversible drum type mixer

Mixing and discharge of concrete

Forward rotation of the drum mix the material and reverse rotation of the drum discharge the concrete

Main drive of the mixer

16 HP Air cooled Diesel engine

20 HP air cooled diesel engine

Material weighing system

Digital load cell based weighing of material

Water tank capacity

200 litre

250 litre

Water feeding system

Auto water dozing system


Pneumatic tyres

4 no

4 no

Hydraulic tank capacity

200 litre

250 litre

Centralized lubrication system

Inbuilt centralized lubrication system

Tow bar facility



Control panel

micro processor based control panel

Hydraulic oil cooler



12V DC battery

80 AMP

100 AMP

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